How do you get over the fear of spiders?

What kind of phobia is fear of spiders?

  • Phobias are irrational fears of specific events, things, or situations, and arachnophobia – the fear of spiders – is one of the most common phobias there is.

How do you prevent spiders?

  • Keeping your house clean is the most effective way to deter spiders. Dust and vacuum any spider webs or egg sacs (which will be ball shaped, and often hidden in the web) waiting to hatch. Spiders will be less eager to return when their offspring and habitats have been removed.

How to get over fear of spiders?

  • Expose yourself to spiders. Most treatments of specific phobias include some form of exposure to the feared object.
  • Build an exposure hierarchy. Write down a list from 1-10,1 being the situation that would bring you the least amount of fear (such as thinking about spiders),and ...
  • Determine how long you will spend on exposure therapy each week. It's important to commit to spending enough time for the exposure to work.
  • Start with pictures and toy spiders. To truly overcome your fear,you have to learn how to deal with spiders in your presence.
  • Tolerate being around a spider. When there is a spider around,don't automatically smash it,run away,or scream to someone else to kill it.
  • Capture a spider. If there is a spider in your house,attempt to catch it with a glass cup,then look at it.
  • Increase your interaction with spiders. Touch a safe spider if you are feeling very confident. ...
  • Consider treatment. If your fear of spiders is excessive and interferes with your daily life you may need professional help.

image-How do you get over the fear of spiders?
image-How do you get over the fear of spiders?
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