How do you start a conversation on ham radio?

How do you start a conversation on ham radio?

On CW, you make a call to anyone on the ham band by sending the letters "CQ" as one word. To try to talk to someone, you must send "CQ" and hopefully another ham will hear your CQ and answer it. Don't be surprised if you don't get an answer. Try for about 3-4 minutes before changing frequencies.

What do ham radio people say?

People usually talk about anything, or nothing. Here in the UK, if people don't know each other they'll find some common information, usually an area they have both visited, a local radio hamfest, a local club, history of the area, a common hobby, or sports.Oct 6, 2015

Do you say over on ham radio?

CB jargon is often used on the ham bands. When monitoring, you are likely to hear people say "over" when ending a transmission or "10-4" to acknowledge reception of a transmission, or "roger that", "what's your handle", etc. This is fine to do, even though you'll find that it may agitate some die-hard hams.

How do you answer CQ?

How to answer a CQ: First, use the callsign of the station you're calling. Follow that by your own callsign, and your approximate whereabouts. If the station you're calling is very strong, just once will do. If he's very weak, you might double up the call.

Why do hams say 73?

73 is an old telegraph code that means "best regards". 73, as well as 88 (which means "hugs and kisses") are part of the language of ham radio.

Why do people talk on ham radio?

Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones. It's fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need.

What CQ means?

Customer Quality. CQ. Calling Any Station (Morse Code abbreviation) CQ. Seek You (radio shorthand)

Is it OK to call CQ on a repeater?

CQ <callsign> monitoring OR <callsign> monitoring 940 CQ is not used on repeaters. Again, just common convention. ... ' You can almost be assured that a person calling CQ on a repeater just got their license. It's always nice to extend a friendly hand.

What does the term 73 mean?

"73" mapped to "best regards" or "my compliments" and was intended as a general valediction for transmitted messages. It is still used for that purpose today in morse code transmissions and often makes its way into everyday correspondence among hams as a form of jargon.

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Can an unlicensed person use a ham radio?

The rule simply states that an unlicensed person may talk on but technically not operate a ham station as long as the licensee is present and actively supervising as a "control operator".Jan 2, 2013


What does ham radio stand for?

  • Amateur radio, popularly referred to as ham radio, is a wireless radio service operated by people who, to the outside world, are obsessed with tinkering with all types of wireless communication equipment. To ham radio operators, ‘obsessed’ is the wrong choice of word. They’d rather be referred to as passionate.


What is ham radio operation?

  • Ham radio, also known as amateur radio, is a hobby that involves using various types of radio communications equipment to connect with other people who share similar interests.


How do you make a CQ call in ham radio?How do you make a CQ call in ham radio?

Notice that the expression begins with "CQ CQ CQ," just like a voice call, but instead of saying "this is," they will tap the letters "DE" and then give their call sign. In this instance, using ham radio phonetics is not necessary – they will simply tap the appropriate Morse Code for their call sign letters: AC6V.


How do you start a ham radio conversation?How do you start a ham radio conversation?

“Rag chewing” is ham lingo for a long, enjoyable conversation. Start with the basics: your name, location, the signal report, and a brief summary of your station (how much power you’re running and the kind of antenna you’re using). Then get the other person to talk about himself.


How do you respond to a ham radio call sign?How do you respond to a ham radio call sign?

You will respond by repeating their call sign and saying your call sign once, as follows: "AC6V, this is DF2A." Naturally, you will be using the ham radio phonetic alphabet when you respond, you will not be just saying the letters.


Can you talk on any frequency on a ham radio?Can you talk on any frequency on a ham radio?

You should know enough about ham radio operation by now to surmise that you can't just turn on your radio and starting talking on any frequency that you want. While you will not find very specific "ragchew" frequencies listed in a guidebook, there are areas that you can transmit such casual conversations and areas on the radio spectrum to avoid.

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