How many islands are there in Denmark?

How did Denmark's North Jutlandic Island become an island?

  • Denmark's second largest island, the North Jutlandic Island, was not always an island. A storm on 3 February 1825 penetrated the narrow land mass, Agger Tange, and thus separated Northern Jutland from the rest of Jutland. The area had earlier been an island, when a strait at Vust had been open prior to the 12th century.

Where are the artificial islands in Denmark?

  • According to this criterion, places such as Christianshavn and Holmen in Copenhagen, although sometimes referred to as artificial islands, are actually parts of the island of Amager . The number of islands in Denmark changes from time to time.

What is the difference between Jordsand and Christianshavn?

  • Areas sometimes referred to as islands Jordsand, a former island Vejlø, a peninsula but in some sources referred to as an island Christianshavn, considered part of Amager Island Holmen, considered part of Christianshavn/Amager

image-How many islands are there in Denmark?
image-How many islands are there in Denmark?
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