What are the expressexpress owls?

Where to find expressexpress owl in GTA 5?

  • Express Owls are common encountered as NPCs, usually with something to say. They can be most commonly found in Dead Bird Studios, or aboard the Owl Express. In Murder on the Owl Express, the train is filled with C.A.W. Agents pretending to be Express Owls, though the disguise doesn't fool the player nor the Owls themselves.

What is the Southern Pacific owl?

  • The Owl was a secondary Southern Pacific train that certainly carried an appropriate name. It operated on an overnight schedule between Los Angeles and San Francisco/Oakland where it began service just prior to the 20th century. For many years it was the railroad's only overnight run between the two cities, operating along the San Joaquin Route.

Why is the coast line called the Owl?

  • Its original name was brief and became known simply as the Owl around 1900. The new Coast Line quickly surpassed the older corridor not only due to its shorter route but also thanks to the incredible beauty it afforded passengers, offering unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean for more than 100 miles.

image-What are the expressexpress owls?
image-What are the expressexpress owls?
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