What can help you avoid information overload?

How do you cope with information overload?

  • Here are Miller's seven strategies for dealing with information overload, updated for the times: Omission - The concept is simple: you can't consume everything, so just ignore some. ... Error - Respond to information without giving due consideration. While a seemingly poor strategy, this is more common than you might think; I mean, who hasn't reacted to an ... Queuing - Putting information aside until there is time catch up later. ... More items...

What is the impact of information overload?

  • The most general impact of information overload is not information overload. It's data overload. Whether it's in business or in your personal life, an overwhelming amount of data is essentially swamping your ability to discriminate or process data into useful information.

What are the effects of information overload?

  • Information overload. Since the brain is working all the time to process and compartmentalize information, receiving too much over a period of time can have a negative effect on concentration and cognizant ability. Common symptoms of information overload include fatigue, forgetfulness, and, in more and more common occurrences, burnout.

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image-What can help you avoid information overload?
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