What determines tide height?

What are the factors that affect the height of a tide?

  • Wind speed
  • Wind duration
  • Fetch - distance of wind travel over open water
  • Depth of water/roughness of sea bed
  • Direction and speed of tide

How is height of tides calculated?

  • An estimate of tide height at a time is possible using the "rule of twelfths". In this method the tidal range is divided by twelve and it is assumed that the 1/12 of the range flows in the first hour, another 2/12 in the second hour, another 3/12 in the third hour, and so on.

What is the definition of height of tide?

  • height of tide. [′hīt əv ′tīd] (oceanography) Vertical distance from the chart datum to the level of the water at any time; it is positive if the water level is higher than the chart datum.

image-What determines tide height?
image-What determines tide height?
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