What does elongated mean in medical terms?

What is the synonym of elongated?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for elongated, like: distended, elongate, extended, stretched, prolonged, lengthened, produced, spun, contracted, shortened and longed.

What is the meaning of elongated body?

Something that's elongated is stretched out, or extended so that it's longer than usual. Some painters, like El Greco, are known for their strange, elongated figures.

Which animals have elongated bodies?

worm, any of various unrelated invertebrate animals that typically have soft, slender, elongated bodies. Worms usually lack appendages; polychaete annelids are a conspicuous exception.

What is the quality of being elongated?

1. elongation - the quality of being elongated. longness - the property of being of long spatial extent; "one gene causes shortness and the other causes longness" 2. elongation - an addition to the length of something.

Can you elongate time?

To prolong is to make something last longer or to stretch it out in time. You see the word long in prolong and it's no trick. ... Prolong always has to do with time. When you stretch your neck or a piece of cloth to make it appear longer, you are elongating, not prolonging, it.

Are pangolins and armadillos the same?

All pangolins belong to the genus Manis in the family Manidae, which is the only family within the order Pholidota. Although pangolins share similar characteristics with Xenarthrans (anteaters, armadillos, and sloths), they are in fact more closely related to the order Carnivora (cats, dogs, bears, etc.).

Is Sandshrew a pangolin?

It's worth mentioning that many fans associate Sandshrew and Sandslash with armadillos, and it's not too difficult to see why. They have a similar appearance to pangolins, similar habits, and are more commonly known to Western players due to their presence in the Americas.May 16, 2010

Are armadillos babies?

Baby armadillos are called pups. ... Nine-banded armadillos have four identical pups of the same gender in every litter, and the seven-banded armadillo has eight to 15 identical pups at one time. Pups mature quickly. They are weaned by two to four months.Oct 5, 2015

What does elongate mean in biology?

In general, the term elongation refers to the state, act, or process of lengthening. In biology, the term often denotes to a biological process where a biological entity is lengthened.Jul 28, 2021

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image-What does elongated mean in medical terms?

What are elongated cells?

The term elongation will be used for any permanent enlargement of cells already formed by differentiation. As the size of a plant cell is determined by the extent of the surface of its wall, cell elongation may be defined also as any permanent increase in the surface of the cell wall.


What is elongation physics?

Elongation is a measure of deformation that occurs before a material eventually breaks when subjected to a tensile load. As the latter is applied, an increase in length and a uniform reduction in cross-sectional area take place, while the material maintains a constant volume.


Can you elongate a word?

Words are most frequently elongated by two or three letters at a time. Elongations are common in instant messaging and texting, but less frequent in e-mail. And as with other linguistic trends—Tagliamonte mentioned the use of like for quotation and so for intensification (“I was like, 'That's so funny!Mar 15, 2013

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