What does hiding in plain sight mean?

Definition of in plain sight
chiefly US. : in a place that is easily seen He carried his gun in plain sight.

1. To remain unseen despite being in full, unrestricted view. You know, I bet those crooks are hiding in plain sight.

What is another word for hiding in plain sight?

adv. improbably, unlikely, questionably, dubiously, vaguely, uncertain, equivocally.

What is the synonym of hidden?

Words related to hidden

buried, clandestine, concealed, covered, covert, dark, invisible, latent, mysterious, obscure, private, secluded, underground, undisclosed, unknown, cloaked, close, clouded, disguised, eclipsed.

What is the meaning of cach?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a hiding place especially for concealing and preserving provisions or implements. b : a secure place of storage discovered a cache of weapons. 2 : something hidden or stored in a cache The cache consisted of documents and private letters.

Can a person hide in plain sight?

The trick to hiding in plain sight isn't to try to be completely invisible, but inconspicuous. If you can pass yourself off as completely average in a crowd, it will help you blend in as well as any camouflage. Hiding in plain sight involves looking boring and acting casual.

Is guised a word?

verb (used with object), guised, guis·ing. to dress; attire: children guised as cowboys.

What word means easily seen or obvious?

adjective. easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable: a conspicuous error. attracting special attention, as by outstanding qualities or eccentricities: He was conspicuous by his booming laughter.

What does plain sight mean?

  • In Plain Sight is a vivid telling of lives from women seldom heard from. I spend a lot of time in desert and mountain country, where my big-bore handguns are carried holstered in plain sight.

What is the plain sight doctrine?

  • Plain View Doctrine. The plain view doctrine allows a police officer to take any evidence of a crime or contraband that is found in plain sight during a normal observation. The police officer does not need a warrant in such a case to collect that evidence.

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What does hidden in plain sight stand for?

  • "In plain sight" refers to something that is obvious, that can be seen without effort. Paradoxically, sometimes we have the expression "hidden in plain sight," which means something can be easily seen, but because it blends in with its surroundings, it is easily overlooked.


What does hidden in plain sight mean?

  • Hidden in Plain Sight. Something even more secret, or closed, or shameful than good old Area 51, because not just what happens inside is secret, but the mere existence of the place is denied, or ridiculed, or handwaved as some silly legend. In dictatorial political systems, it's far easier to hide something that way,...

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