What does K-factor mean?

What is the K-factor in sheet metal working?

  • The K-Factor in sheet metal working is the ratio of the neutral axis to the material thickness.

What is the K factor of a bend?

  • K-Factor. The location of the neutral axis varies and is based on the material’s physical properties and its thickness. The K-Factor is the ratio of the Neutral Axis’ Offset (t) and the Material Thickness (MT). Below the image shows how the top of the bend is compressed, and the bottom is stretched.

What is the K-factor of bronze?

  • Bronze, hard bronze, cold rolled steel, spring steel, etc.: K=0.45 Definition of the K factor: the K factor is the ratio of the neutral layer position thickness (t) of the sheet metal to the overall thickness of the sheet metal material (T), i.e.. K = t / T Why the K-factor cannot exceed 0.5?

image-What does K-factor mean?
image-What does K-factor mean?
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