What does this VSM icon mean?

What is the symbol for waiting on a value stream map?

The number of operators can also be noted in the circle. Commonly placed at the bottom of the value stream map, the timeline shows waiting times (the “troughs”) and processing times (the “hills”).Nov 12, 2020

What value stream mapping symbol represent a step in the process?

View a detailed Value Stream Symbol Legend. Process represents a step in your process and shows flow of process steps required to complete a product, service or administrative function from order to delivery. Customer / Suppliers have already adjusted to the requirement for more frequent delivery.Jan 27, 2021

What is VSM XOXO?

When production leveling is used, the signal to a workstation includes a box with XOXO in it. This means the customer demand for that workstation is not made in FIFO sequence, but balanced in time.Mar 20, 2015

What types of information are revealed by a value stream map?

A value stream map is a visual tool that displays all critical steps in a specific process and easily quantifies the time and volume taken at each stage. Value stream maps show the flow of both materials and information as they progress through the process.

What is Kanban VSM?

Kanban is implemented as the main subject for just-in-time (JIT) production systems, while value stream mapping (VSM) is utilised to focus more on the streams in the production processes. ... Furthermore, the study signifies that the Kanban-TPM system widely stimulates the reduction in both lead time and WIP inventory.

What is the symbol of stream?

The symbol stream consists of a 1-bit symbol sequence that uses a 7-bit ASCII character set. This symbol sequence is generated by bundling symbols so padding bits, which are not used in the symbol stream, are not produced. The symbol stream can handle up to 16-bit data.

What is a kaizen burst in VSM?

Kaizen Burst is a lean manufacturing tool to generate the improvement ideas during pahse. of developing current and future state of VSM.

Where can I find the standard symbols of the VSM?

  • There you can find the VSM standard symbols explained and summarized at the end of the book. The library of the VSM icons is available in the commercial Microsoft software named VISIO. Here how the symbols are represented. This icon is used to describe who is the customer and the customer request.

What is value stream mapping icons?

  • Value Stream Mapping Icons. The Value Stream Mapping solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park extends ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software with a new library of Value Stream Mapping Icons that contain vector objects used in lean manufacturing methodology to analyze and identify the process improvement opportunities that are available. Pic.1 Value...

image-What does this VSM icon mean?
image-What does this VSM icon mean?

How to create your own VSM diagrams?

  • Use ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software extended with Value Stream Mapping solution to create your own VSM diagrams.


What do the icons with X instead of s mean?

  • Similar icons with an X instead of an S are also sometimes used as a blocked stock that cannot be used. A cross dock where material is rearranged from inbound or for outbound shipments. A push arrow, representing a material flow that is not controlled by a pull system (i.e., a cap on WIP).

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