What does won't happen again mean?

What do you call something that happens again?

rerun. noun. something that happens again in a similar way to before.

What does won't happen again mean?

ie. "it cannot happen again" means right now and never in the future.Aug 14, 2010

What does making sure mean?

Definition of make sure

: to find out or do something so that one has no doubt about whether something is true, correct, will happen, etc. Make sure (that) you turn the oven off. They made sure everyone knew where they were supposed to be.

What does Needless to say mean?

Very likely or obvious, self-evident, as in Needless to say, the availability of assault weapons is closely connected with crime. Although nonsensical at first glance (if unnecessary to say, why say it?), this phrase is generally used for emphasis. It originated as needless to speak in the early 1500s.

What does it mean to make something new again?

To make new or as if new again; restore. ... To make new or as if new again; make young, fresh, or strong again; bring back into good condition. verb. 3. Renew is defined as to make new, reawaken, reestablish or start over.

What is a synonym for recreate?

synonyms for re-create

exhilarate. refurbish. reinvigorate.

Can you end an email with apologies?

Here's one way to close your professional apology email: Thank you for reading this. If there's anything you would like to discuss further, please contact me so we can work through it. If you don't want to use "Sincerely," other formal closings like "Best regards" will work too.May 13, 2021

How do you spell apologize plural?

Here's a tip: Use “my apologies” if you want to say you're sorry. You use apology in the plural form to express regret for being unable to do something. This is the context where you use the phrase “my apologies.” Here are some example sentences: Joan made her apologies for the delay and left the room.

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