What is a multifunction display?

Are multifunction displays suitable for everyday marine use?

  • Multifunction displays are perfectly suitable for everyday marine use because they boast sunlight readability, water resistance, extreme temperature resistance, multiple input ports, and increased chassis durability. These are all features that are integral to daily use by marines given the rough nature of their jobs and daily environments.

What kind of multifunction displays does axiom offer?

  • AXIOM 9 RV Multifunction Display with RealVision and... GPSMAP 1242xsv Multifunction Display with BlueChart g3 and... AXIOM 7 Multifunction Display with Navionics+ North... NSS7 evo3 Multifunction Display with C-MAP® US... GPSMAP 8616 Multifunction Display with Full HD In-plane...

What are the advantages of MFD over analog display?

  • The advantage of an MFD over analog display is that an MFD does not consume much space in the cockpit, as data can be presented in multiple pages, rather than always being present at once. For example, the cockpit of RAH-66 "Comanche" does not have analog dials or gauges at all. All information is displayed on the MFD pages.

image-What is a multifunction display?
image-What is a multifunction display?
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