What is latency in satellite communications?

Why is satellite internet so slow?

  • The most common cause for a slow satellite internet connection is having too many devices connected to the internet. Satellite internet connections are not robust enough to support use on multiple devices, especially if video streaming is involved. And anytime your connection starts slowing, the best way to speed it up is to turn off other devices.

Is DSL faster than satellite?

  • Obviously, the faster the speed, the faster you get access to your movie, video, site, etc. DSL speeds can top out at 40Mbps in select areas. Typically you’ll find speeds are closer to 25-25 Mbps. A fast satellite connection is considered to be around 10-15Mbps.

How reliable is satellite internet?

  • Satellite internet is as reliable as satellite television. No internet service can guarantee 100% reliability, but satellite internet is rarely affected by anything other than extreme weather conditions, and even then usually only results in a short-term partial degradation of service.

image-What is latency in satellite communications?
image-What is latency in satellite communications?
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