What is point-to-Point (PTP)?

What is the range of a PTP signal?

  • PTP distances range from a few hundred meters to over 50Km with proper line of sight. 2.4GHz to 42GHz spectrum, our engineers test and utilize the highest reliability band for your connection.

What are the requirements for point to point wireless coverage?

  • For point to point wireless greater than 3 miles, clear, unobstructed, line of sight is required. If you are sure your two locations have line of sight, then the typical scenerio of point to point wireless utilizes anywhere from a 2ft. to 6ft. dish antenna, attached to your high power, outdoor backhaul radio.

What is a point to point wireless Ethernet bridge?

  • For the commercial grade, or industrial grade requirements, GNS Wireless stocks enterprise level point to point wireless Ethernet bridge packages. These point to point links provide higher packet per second processing, (PPS), high reliability, high speed, and enclosed inside ruggized outdoor weatherproof boxes for the most extreme conditions.

image-What is point-to-Point (PTP)?
image-What is point-to-Point (PTP)?
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