What is post-order traversal?

What is reverse postorder traversal in Python?

  • (R)Recursively traverse its right subtree. When this step is finished, we are back at nagain. (N)Process nitself. In normal postorder traversal, visit the left subtree before the right subtree. If we visit the right subtree before visiting the left subtree, it is referred to as reverse postorder traversal.

How to find the postorder traversal of a binary tree?

  • Given a binary tree, find the Postorder Traversal of it. You don't need to read input or print anything. Your task is to complete the function postOrder () that takes root node as input and returns an array containing the postorder traversal of the given Binary Tree.

How do you make an iterative postorder traversal?

  • Algorithm of iterative postorder traversal (one stack) Step 1: Create one empty stack. Step 2: Set current_node = root Step 3: while(current_node!=NULL) Push current_node->right into the stack Push current_node into the stack Step 4: Pop an element from the stack and set it as a current node.

image-What is post-order traversal?
image-What is post-order traversal?
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