What is selective soldering process?

What is a selective soldering machine?

  • Selective soldering is the process of selectively soldering components to printed circuit boards and molded modules that could be damaged by the heat of a reflow oven or wave soldering in a traditional surface-mount technology (SMT) or Through-hole technology assembly processes.This usually follows an SMT oven reflow process; parts to be selectively ...

Is flux in solder?

  • Solder flux is a type of metallurgy component used when soldering two metals together. The flux is an inert substance that prevents the formation of metal oxides at extreme temperatures.

What is a wave solder?

  • Wave soldering is an automated process in which components are soldered onto a printed wiring board (PWB) as the board passes over the top of a wave of solder.

image-What is selective soldering process?
image-What is selective soldering process?
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