What is synthetic sea water?

How to make sea water drinkable?

  • Distillation. Distillation is one of the oldest methods of water purification. ...
  • Reverse Osmosis. Reverse osmosis is another common method for water purification. ...
  • Forward Osmosis. Forward osmosis is simply natural osmosis. ...
  • Electrodialysis. ...

What are the components of seawater?

  • Almost anything can be found in seawater. This includes dissolved materials from Earth's crust as well as materials released from organisms. The most important components of seawater that influence life forms are salinity, temperature, dissolved gases (mostly oxygen and carbon dioxide), nutrients, and pH.

What are the major ions in seawater?

  • Chloride, magnesium, sodium, sulfate, calcium, bicarbonate and potassium are the most abundant ions in sea water. These ions form the bulk of seawater, while oxygen and water form the remaining portion. The ionic makeup of seawater influences its salinity, saltiness, temperature and buoyancy.

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image-What is synthetic sea water?
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