What is the language for Thinking Program?

How does language influence our thoughts?

  • Language does not completely determine our thoughts—our thoughts are far too flexible for that—but habitual uses of language can influence our habit of thought and action. For instance, some linguistic practice seems to be associated even with cultural values and social institution.

Is language just a tool for expressing thoughts?

  • Language is so fundamental to our experience, so deeply a part of being human, that it's hard to imagine life without it. But are languages merely tools for expressing our thoughts, or do they actually shape our thoughts?

What are the limitations of language of thought theory?

  • There are certain limitations among language, and humans cannot express all that they think. Language of thought theories rely on the belief that mental representation has linguistic structure. Thoughts are "sentences in the head", meaning they take place within a mental language.

image-What is the language for Thinking Program?
image-What is the language for Thinking Program?
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