What is the lifespan of thermal paste?

What is the difference between thermal adhesive and thermal paste?

  • As opposed to thermal adhesive, thermal paste does not add mechanical strength to the bond between heat source and heat sink. It has to be coupled with a mechanical fixation mechanism such as screws to hold the heat sink in place and to apply pressure, spreading the thermal paste.

What isthermal paste and how does it work?

  • Thermal paste is used to improve the heat coupling between different components. A common application is to drain away waste heat generated by electrical resistance in semiconductor devices including power transistors, CPUs, GPUs, and LED COBs.

Do laptops have thermal paste on them?

  • Factory PCs and laptops (though seldom tablets or smartphones) typically incorporate thermal paste between the top of the CPU case and a heat sink for cooling. Thermal paste is sometimes also used between the CPU die and its integrated heat spreader, though solder is sometimes used instead.

image-What is the lifespan of thermal paste?
image-What is the lifespan of thermal paste?
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