What is the purpose of thrust reversal?

How exactly does reverse thrust work?

  • During normal operation, the reverse thrust vanes are blocked. On selection, the system folds the doors to block off the cold stream final nozzle and redirect this airflow to the cascade vanes. This system can redirect both the exhaust flow of the fan and of the core.

Do airlines want and use thrust reversers?

  • The airlines accept that thrust reversers are necessary for safe operations. In general, the airlines feel that thrust reversers provide an added margin of safety for transport aircraft operations. [2] III.

How do thrust reversers work?

  • A thrust reverser, which allows for more rapid deceleration during landing, is a critical component of many jet aircraft. By acting against the aircraft’s forward travel, a thrust reverser system helps the jet slow down just after touchdown. This reduces wear on brakes and facilitates shortened landing distances.

image-What is the purpose of thrust reversal?
image-What is the purpose of thrust reversal?
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