What is the unit of F(friction)?

What is the dimension of the coefficient of friction?

  • Mathematically, μ = F/L. Because both friction and load are measured in units of force (such as pounds or newtons), the coefficient of friction is dimensionless. The frictional force itself is directed oppositely to the motion of the object.

How do physicists measure the force of friction?

  • For this physicists are using the coefficient of friction, which measures the force of friction between two objects made of certain materials per unit of pressure. It's determined experimentally. So, to determine the force of friction theoretically, we have to know the coefficient of friction of materials involved and the pressure between them.

Why does the force of friction need to be halved?

  • The force necessary to put the object in motion must be halved to obtain the friction force because of the two contacting surfaces. The pendulum is suitable to analyze the static and dynamic friction under reciprocal motion by monitoring the bearing torque.

image-What is the unit of F(friction)?
image-What is the unit of F(friction)?
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