What is transtransit Bangkok?

What is the best form of public transport in Bangkok?

  • Together with the MRT, the BTS is the all-time favourite form of Bangkok Public Transport for any Bangkokian, as it is the fastest way to travel in the city. The BTS, which transports over 650,000 people a day, is an elevated rapid transit system, also known as the Skytrain.

How many rapid transit systems are in Bangkok?

  • Bangkok is currently served by three rapid transit systems: the BTS Skytrain, the MRT and the Airport Rail Link. Although proposals for the development of rapid transit in Bangkok had been made since 1975, it was only in 1999 that the BTS finally began operation.

How to get around in Bangkok?

  • Bangkok bus, MRT (Bangkok Metro), BTS Sky Trains, boats - Chao Phraya Express and Khlong, are collected in one guide. Find information about fares, operating hours, download a Bangkok bus map and view listings. Use Transit Bangkok's route planner to find the optimal route to your destination.

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image-What is transtransit Bangkok?
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