What is Zstandard compression algorithm?

What is the default compression level for zstd?

  • Zstandard’s default compression level is 3, but any setting between 1-19 can be set. A higher setting will yield a smaller compressed archive, at the cost of a slower compression speed. The following command would set zstd to use a compression level of 8.

What is zstd and Zstandard?

  • Zstandard - A stronger compression algorithm Zstd, short for Zstandard, is a new lossless compression algorithm, aiming at providing both great compression ratio and speed for your standard compression needs.

What is Zstandard decompression in Linux?

  • Because of the way that FSE carries over state between symbols, decompression involves processing symbols within the Sequences section of each block in reverse order (from last to first). The Linux kernel has included Zstandard since November 2017 (version 4.14) as a compression method for the btrfs and squashfs filesystems.

image-What is Zstandard compression algorithm?
image-What is Zstandard compression algorithm?
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