What metals are found in meteorites?

What is a rare meteorite?

  • Stony Iron meteorites are the rarest type of meteorite, making up about 1 to 2% of all recovered meteorites. Stony Iron meteorites consist of a mixture of rocky silicates and metallic nickel/iron. There are two main groups of stony iron meteorites.

What are the rarest meteorites?

  • Stony-iron meteorites are the rarest of the three types of meteorites and contain an equal mixture of silicates and a nickel-iron alloy. There are two subgroups: Pallasites and Mesosiderites. Pallasites are “believed to form between the outer shell and core of an asteroid” (8), and the primary silicate mineral found in them is olivine.

How can I find a meteorite?

  • The best way to find a meteorite is to head into a dry area with a metal detector. If you’re looking for a meteorite in a dry lake bed, your metal detector may not work, as there’s lots of minerals in these areas.

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image-What metals are found in meteorites?
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