Where can I Ride the Ducks of Seattle?

What is the difference between the ducks and Seattle Splash Tours?

  • Unlike the Ducks vehicles — some of which were built in the 1940s and ’50s for use in the military, and maintained for decades — Seattle Splash Tours will use newer vehicles made with modern parts.

Who is at fault in the ride the Ducks case?

  • The jury determined that Ride the Ducks International — the Branson, Missouri-based manufacturer of the Duck amphibious vehicle — bore 67% to 70% of the responsibility for the crash; and that Ride the Ducks of Seattle was 30% to 33% at fault. Awards to each of the 40 plaintiffs ranged from $40,000 to $25 million.

Is this Ketchikan like a duck tour?

  • Well this is not Ketchikan Alaska and not same quality of a Duck Tour. Maybe since we had walked the entire downtown the day before, read all building historic signs, talked to local shop owners, went to the Underground Tour, visited the Space Needle and park, walked around Lake Union, THIS WAS A WASTE OF TIME AND $$.

image-Where can I Ride the Ducks of Seattle?
image-Where can I Ride the Ducks of Seattle?
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