Where is Gate C at Heinz Field?

Where is Gate A at Heinz Field?

All Guests may enter Heinz Field through: • Peoples Gate A – South End under Video Board • Gate B – Northeast Corner • Gate C – Northwest Corner • FedEx Great Hall Center – NO BAGS OR PURSES • FedEx Great Hall South – NO BAGS OR PURSES • Southwest Rotunda – NO BAGS OR PURSES • Gate 5 – NO BAGS OR PURSES • All Gates ...

What are the best seats at Heinz Field?

The best seats for the Pittsburgh Steelers are on or near the 50 yard line (near section 111 or 134). When you are sitting in the first 10 rows are actually a negative because you won't have enough height, to actually see the football field. For 100-level, we recommend between rows 10 and 20.Sep 5, 2019

What gate is will call at Heinz Field?

Reminder: Will Call is located at the Panthers Ticket Office at Gate A.

Is there a smoking section in Heinz Field?

Heinz Field is a smoke-free facility. In consideration of the comfort of all ticket holders, we ask your cooperation. There are NO designated smoking areas inside the stadium, and re-entry is prohibited. Guests who fail to comply with the policy after appropriate warning may be subject to ejection from Heinz Field.Oct 11, 2021

What time does Gates open at Heinz Field?

Arrive to Heinz Field early; gates open 2 hours prior to kickoff. Those who arrive 1-2 hours prior to kickoff can typically expect to experience minimal delays at entry; those who arrive 30 minutes prior to game time can expect heavy delays.

What is the North Club at Heinz Field?

As the smallest club space in Heinz Field, the North Club Lounge provides a more private atmosphere on gameday. The ticketed seating options include two rows (rows A and B) of outdoor seats and Heinz Field's only indoor row of seats (row C).

How much is parking at Heinz Field?

If you plan to park in the Heinz Field parking lots, you can expect rates to go for $20 or more. Parking options and rates will vary depending on far away you park at the venue. Standard parking rates at the NOVA Place Garage go for $20 while the Red Lots go for $60.

What is the Champions Club at Heinz Field?

Champions Club sections are some of the best seats at Heinz Field. On the Steelers seating chart these include five Field Club sections (F1-F5) and sections 148-150. Ticketholders get access to the PNC Champions Club, an indoor climate-controlled lounge with the following features: Premium food and beverage options.

How do the rows go at Heinz Field?

The rows for most of the upper level sections at Heinz Field are lettered A through Z, followed by rows AA through LL. Rows A through E will be clustered together at the foot of each section and are the most desirable rows on the upper level of the stadium.

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Where do visitors sit at Heinz Field?

Fans can sit at midfield directly behind the home bench in sections 133-136, while on the opposite side of midfield behind the visitors bench are sections 109-112. Sections in the Lower Level Sideline have between 31-34 lettered rows of seating, with row A being closest to the field.


What is club level at Heinz Field?

The Heinz Field Club Level is made up of sections 205-216 and 229-240. Club sections promise excellent sideline views from an ideal elevation. All Club Seats are wider than normal seats and have more legroom. And all guests will have access to indoor club lounges.


Can you buy Pitt football tickets at the gate?

Tickets are available to purchase via the 'Pick Your Own Seat' option at, or by calling 1-800-643-PITT. ... Single game parking for home games is not available through the Panthers Ticket Office.Aug 3, 2021


Do you need to be vaccinated to go to a Steelers game?

A: Fans will not be required to show proof of vaccination to enter Heinz Field; however, in accordance with CDC guidelines, unvaccinated fans should wear a mask at all times.


Can I use cash at Heinz Field?

Cash is not accepted at Heinz Field. Fans need to pay with a credit or debit card or Apple and Google Pay.Sep 17, 2021


Where are the club seats at Heinz Field?

  • Heinz Field club seats are located along the sidelines in the 200 level. Pittsburgh Steelers club seats are wider and have more legroom than the rest of the seats inside Heinz Field, and offer amenities such as access to climate controlled lounges and upscale food and drink options.


How many seats are in each row at Heinz Field?

  • There are a total of 25 seats in Row Z of Section 513 at Heinz Field. As you face the field from the section, seat 1 will be on the aisle to the right, and seat 25 will be on the left.


What are club seats at Heinz Field?

  • Heinz Field is a 1.6 million SF, 65,000 seat football stadium for both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh. The seating includes 1,500 seats in 129 luxury boxes, and 6,600 club seats that include restaurants and indoor bar areas.


What is Heinz Field capacity?

  • Heinz Field is an outdoor sport arena, which is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers . Heinz Field seats approximately 65,000 fans, which also include approximately 6,600 club seats and a capacity of approximately 1,500 in 127 suites.

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