Who is Jiawei Han?

What is the purpose of data mining concepts and techniques?

  • Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques provides the concepts and techniques in processing gathered data or information, which will be used in various applications. Specifically, it explains data mining and the tools used in discovering knowledge from the collected data. This book is referred as the knowledge discovery from data (KDD).

What is the data mining 3rd edition?

  • The Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques shows us how to find useful knowledge in all that data. Thise 3rd editionThird Edition significantly expands the core chapters on data preprocessing, frequent pattern mining, classification, and clustering.

What jobs can you get with a degree in data mining?

  • Data warehouse engineers, data mining professionals, database researchers, statisticians, data analysts, data modelers, and other data professionals working on data mining at the R&D and implementation levels. Upper-level undergrads and graduate students in data mining at computer science programs

Is data mining just another hype?

  • Data mining is not another hype. Instead, the need for data mining has arisen due to the wide availability of huge amounts of data and the imminent need for turning such data into useful information and knowledge. Thus, data mining can be viewed as the result of the natural evolution of information technology.

image-Who is Jiawei Han?
image-Who is Jiawei Han?
image-Who is Jiawei Han?
image-Who is Jiawei Han?
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