Who is rickrick and OCC choppers?

Where is rickrick Petko now?

  • Rick Petko is an American television personality and motorbiker best known for his appearance in the Discovery Channel hit TV show, American Choppers. He currently works at OCC (Orange County Choppers) where he designs the custom chopper-style motorcycles. Early Life and Interest In Motorcycles

What is the biggest bike in OCC history?

  • Shaq's custom made bike, nicknamed the "Man of Steel," turned out to be the biggest constructed in OCC history. This bike featured a 48-inch handlebar, a 6-inch rake, a 23-inch front wheel, and a 20-inch rear wheel. Well, when you consider who it's built for, what else could you expect?

image-Who is rickrick and OCC choppers?
image-Who is rickrick and OCC choppers?
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