Who plays the mechanic in the Flash?

The Mechanic is an unknown extremely dangerous criminal and The Second in Command of The Thinker and The Creator and Leader Samuroids and the main Samuroid Baron Katana. She's currently based with The Thinker in an unknown location possible in Central City and a Villain of The Flash Family.

Who is the thinkers wife on the flash?

Kim Suzanne Engelbrecht (born 20 June 1980 in Cape Town, South Africa) is a South African actress best known for her roles as Lolly de Klerk in the soap opera Isidingo, Sgt. Noma Banks on the Syfy TV show, Dominion and Marlize DeVoe on The CW show, The Flash.

Who is Clifford DeVoe wife?

Marlize DeVoe (née Malan) is a physics professor at Central City University. She is the widow of the late Clifford DeVoe and former partner-in-crime in his secret activities as "the Thinker" for the Enlightenment.Jun 29, 2018

What happens to DeVoe in the Flash?

After Ralph regained control of his body, DeVoe managed to live on via a hologram created by transferring his consciousness into his hoverchair but perished once and for all when Marlize removed the chair's power source.

Does marlize join Team Flash?

After the Enlightenment begins, Marlize joins Team Flash as Cecile goes into labor. Marlize uses Cecile's powers to send Barry into DeVoe's consciousness and find the good left in him.

What did DeVoe do marlize?

She is the wife and assistant of Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker and is more than willing to assist him in his master plan of "fixing" what is wrong with the human race, at least until his actions become sufficiently ruthless that she begins to have doubts, whereupon her husband begins drugging her to keep her docile and ...

What is DeVoe IQ?

He is a master planner, although Eobard Thawne's IQ is only around 500. (It is ridiculous how smart people in the Arrowverse are.

How old is Clifford DeVoe?

He is able to awaken his own body, and is suddenly slowed by his own weakened neurochemistry, allowing the Flash to disconnect him. 3 years ago - 58-year-old Clifford assembles a new group of Flash villains to become a new team of Rogues, menacing the Flash.

What makes the Flash mechanic relevant in MTG?

  • What makes the Flash mechanic relevant in MTG is that it extends the Instant ability of cards to card types that aren’t just short-term, Sorcery-like spells. Flash is used primarily to help players instantly put creatures, enchantments, or artifacts onto the battlefield.

What does Flash mean in Magic The Gathering?

  • What does Flash mean in Magic: The Gathering? Introduced as a keyword to Magic: The Gathering in 2006 with the Time Spiral expansion, Flash is a mechanic that doesn’t take long to understand.

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image-Who plays the mechanic in the Flash?

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