Who plays Todd in master Ken?

Is Matt Page a real martial artist?

Matt Page has studied martial arts nearly his entire life. It's become a constant in his life. In fact, his web series “Enter the Dojo,” which follows the training style of fictional character Master Ken, is loosely based on his martial arts education.Dec 25, 2020

Is Matt Page married?

Personal life. Page served an LDS Church mission in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 1998 to 2000. He met his wife at a meeting of the Genesis Group, and they were married in August 2001. As of 2011, they had three children.

Is Master Ken an actual martial artist?

The comedic genius — and real-life martial artist — who lurks under the skin of Master Ken is Matt Page. ... That's the only way you'll be able to put a face, a voice and a moustache behind the wacky words that come from the martial artist known as Master Ken.Mar 6, 2017

Who is behind Master Ken?

Matt Page is the creator of the webshow “Enter The Dojo.” He writes the show and plays Master Ken, while his friend Adam Rottler co-directs the episodes with him. Matt lives and works in New Mexico, as does most of the cast and crew. He actually has a background in various martial arts, including Kenpo.

Is Master Ken a black belt?

The Master Ken character is an eleventh-degree black belt in Ameri-Do-Te, a fictional art dubbed “the most dangerous martial art in the world”. Matt Page, who plays Master Ken, is a first-degree black belt in both American and Okinawan Kenpo.

What rank is Master Ken?

Master Ken Peterman, Oh Dan

Master Kenneth Peterman holds the rank of Oh Dan (5th degree black belt) and is a certified Master Instructor and member in good standing with the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Is Master Ken in paper tiger?

Presenting Matt Page (aka Master Ken) as "Carter." Carter is the childhood rival to the Three Tigers of Sifu Cheung. He had several challenge matches, or "beimo," with Danny when they were younger but always lost in humiliating fashion.

What happened to Matt in home and away?

Gray is released from rehab and locates Matt and punches him in the face. He blames Matt for the breakdown of his family while he was away. Matt takes pity on his father and hires a caravan for him to stay in and buys him food.

Is Kenpo a karate?

Kenpo is one of the many martial arts that developed in Asia throughout history. It has roots both in Chinese and Japanese martial arts. However, it is most commonly associated with Karate in modern times, because of the many different styles that appeared later on.

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image-Who plays Todd in master Ken?

Where is Master Ken located?

The in-your-face, Tom Selleck-inspired mustache-wearing Master Ken is the lead character in the web series “Enter the Dojo,” which is finishing up its third season. The series was created by New Mexico resident Page and is filmed in Albuquerque.Dec 12, 2014


What does Matt think about karate at first?

At first, Matt didn't like that at all, but he soon discovered that karate was harder than it looked in movies. The students worked very hard and were exhausted by the end of their lessons. Matt learned something new in each lesson.

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