Why choose Bostik sealing & bonding?

What is the rubber to metal bonding process?

  • Rubber to metal bonding is no exception, so the process is changing to reflect these concerns. Three essential elements form the core of the bonding process, the rubber, the bonding agents and the substrate, Figure 1. The selection of the polymer base and the associated compound depends mainly on the product specification.

What is elastic bonding and how does it work?

  • Elastic bonding enables to bond various similar and dissimilar substrates together and create unlimited possibilities for modern constructions. With Sika’s extensive product range, the right solution can be provided for almost any bonding and sealing requirement.

Why choose Sika sealants?

  • Sika offers sealing and bonding solutions for building envelopes, floors and civil engineering constructions as well as interior finishing. Joint sealing provides waterproof constructions with improved thermal insulation and enhances the visual appearance of buildings.

image-Why choose Bostik sealing & bonding?
image-Why choose Bostik sealing & bonding?
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